hump day huddle. {tardy edition}

love-hate relationship: with change that is. there is a lot of change going on at work & i am trying to be open to it but i feel like slapping someone! i know it will be a good change, but thats how we are as humans, I think for the most part we like being comfortable & change messes with the comfortable factor in all sorts of bad ways. I was watching an old episode of Grey's last night & it was perfectly stated: change will always occur, but only we can control how the change controls us.

body by vi: due to my busyness recently, I have not weighed in and my diet has been fairly healthy with a side of donuts & a beer here and there. I however have been working out like a crazy person, my muscles will attest to that for sure!

upcoming posts: big plans coming up soon for the blog. More random posts, more yummy recipes, DIYs, home tour update, my garden tour & other fun posts.

Have a fabulous weekend, dearest!

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