futuristically speaking, of course!

So, I have these topics that I have on the brain that I will be posting in the month of June, possibly I will sneak one or two in this week. Speaking of... is it really June? This is crazy talk! I'm excited for a new month, I always am!
I don't think I will post my topics just yet, I would rather surprise ya'll! I hope this long weekend is treating you and yours absolutely fantastic.
Today I did something crazy, I signed up to be a MK consultant because I love their products & because I want to have some fun. I hope to sign up with another company within the next few months. I love helping people, duh right I'm a nurse, but I also love helping people feel special with some lovely products at a freaking fantastic slightly reduced retail price. Love MK products? I'm your girl!
I have yet to conquer a schedule and I have been at my job for 9 weeks now! I am so frustrated. I'm the type of girl who would love to have everything planned and go about my day accordingly.
I will do it! I know I will. I just want to catch on now. I would love to wake up same time, daily. wake up, water garden, workout, eat breakfast, get ready, make my lunch and squeeze in a blog post or whip up a meal for dinner. Instead this is my routine: wake up, water garden, sometimes a workout then rush to get ready, eat breakfast and make my lunch all in 30 minutes. If you know me you are probably aware of the shame I feel for admitting my chaos I experience before work each day. So, for this week, my goal is a schedule!
Just a little babbling on a Sunday evening! Happy day off tomorrow loves. {I will be saving people while you relax!}

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