And then life happened.

Hello dolls.
So sorry for being absent for about 2 weeks. Life happened. I have already introduced you to my Lexi love. I added some pictures to show you my sweet mini me! Precious, I know.
So my Lexi love had to have surgery last week. She is off the charts on the growth scale, not "off the charts" most kids are these days, she's on the other end... then teeny tiny itsy bitsy end.
They wanted to explore her GI system and place a NG tube for additional caloric intake (in other words to fatten her up.) She is just fine, no issues with her GI system, however since she was full of meth during her time in her mom's tummy, most of her teeth came in rotten. So bye bye top four teeth and one bottom one. She's a strong little girl and is doing great and has so far left her tube alone. She will be on the tube for 5 months at least while a constant evaluation of her nutrition goes on. Keep my family in your prayers, Lexi especially.

I just love & adore this little girl so much! Isn't she just amazingly beautiful!

Oh yeah and here is where else I have been, out in the garden. My yard is looking magnificent, but it sure is a lot of work. I ripped out some dead/ diseased lilacs and put in some bleeding hearts in the second picture. The first being one one many wheel barrow trips of flowers that the bees & birds are so thankful for as am I! Let me just say I never thought I would like gardening, my mom & aunt are amazing and love gardening, I just thought they were silly, silly me!

I will be back Wednesday for my usual post, lovelies!

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