hump day huddle.

hello my lovelies!
i hope you enjoyed the lovely recipe I shared with ya'll on monday!
this is going to be a sweet, short post because this lady had yard work to do.

breakfast hangout: This is my new favorite place to have breakfast! I have always loved to eat breakfast, heck, any meal outside & this is my new favorite breakfast spot!

body by vi: I'm down another pound this week. I am trying to get in a good cardio routine! So 9 pounds down in 3 weeks! Felling great & ready to shed more!

today's agenda: today I will be a busy woman. I have my princess shift at 6pm so until then I will be in the yard! I wish the weeds would stay away, but no matter how much sweet taking I do, there they be! Husband and I also have some mini projects to finish. Oh yeah and my house needs a good deep clean. Its crazy how busy you can be with work & life and neglect your home sometimes & I don't even have babies yet! That was an exhausting thought!

Happy Wednesday darlings!

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