hump day huddle.

I think this is the most pictures I have shared in one post, so bare with me. Busy week, eh?

my loves other love: below you will see my husband's obsession fish house. If I let him, my husband would be out here all the time. He loves him some fish, and no, not to eat. To care for. Also, this picture does not do justice because this is only half of a wall and there are 4 walls lined with this crap fish galore! Being passionate about something {other than his amazing wife} is such a beautiful thing. Most people ask why I would let my husband do such a thing. Answer: I all for fish! I will be his biggest fan no matter what hobby he has up his sleeve. Yeah, I'm that wife! & hey I learn more about fish than I could have imagined. I am only sharing this because I will be revealing my awesome craft nook!

Courtney: 1. Dirt: 0 Saturday I decided I would surprise my husband and go get fill dirt in his truck and unload it in our raised beds before he came home from work that evening. I thought, no big deal, I can do this. That thought started to diminish about 3 minutes after I started driving home. There was so much weight on the tires that I had to go super slow and the truck was quite squirly for 12 miles, the longest 12 miles of my short lived life! Then I get home & start bringing wheel barrow loads and dumping them. Lets just say on load 6, I was over it, completely. I turned to pep talk {while muttering "what did I get myself into" about 1273543 times} and got it done, finally! Husband was surprised, my work was done. & I was not as sore as I thought I would be!

Home Depot dates: I love me some HD because that means my house is going to be even more kick ass & my husband is in heaven while he is there. {if there were fish tanks there, he would seriously never leave!} I snapped a picture on our way to HD. Cute, I know.

Family Dinner: Saturday night my in-laws came over to visit & have dinner. We went to one of my favorite places in my little town where they have the biggest burgers I have ever seen. It's called the "Brentley burger", I think it should be called "the whole damn farm burger" but I guess their name is more appropriate. Seriously, the whole farm on this burger: cow, turkey, chicken {eggs} pig and half their garden. Husbie & father in law got them for dinner which carried over to the next days lunch. Oh & John Wayne is a decoration around my town!

Here she is, my amazing craft nook! My husband spent a lot of time on this & I don't think I could have asked for something better! I love it! This is all from scratch, there was nothing in that big area under the cupboards. Now have no excuse to be a craft goddess!

All for now, but here are my upcoming posts:

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