body by vi: 90 day challenge.

My lovely friend Jen started supporting a company called visalus. This is not a diet drink, this is a nutrition drink loaded with lots of vitamins, good fiber and digestive enzymes. & the shake tastes amazing! There are many recipes to make the shake super yummy, but I am a big fan of the sweet cream flavor they have as a base. Please take a look, you won't be sorry.

This is how my plan works:
Breakfast: protein, whole wheat grain, fruit & veggie with water
Snack: fruit, veggie or yogurt with water
Lunch: 2 scoops of my body by vi shake mix and 8 oz of skim milk
Snack: whole wheat grain, protein, veggie or fruit with water
Dinner: As big & healthy as I can get it, with water
Snack: veggie with protein and you guessed it, water!

I used to be hungry all the time and eat late at night, not to mention not so healthy choices either. Since I have started {4/18} I have had so much more energy, I feel much more alert and my appetite is satisfied because this plan works! I am pretty good at starting something & not following through when it comes to things such as this, but this challenge is just so simple & idiot proof, I am so in!

Exercise is key as well, very important for your heart {duh} and releases those lovely endorphins! I have been walking, jogging & running at least 30 minutes a day as much as I can. I have also started my practice with yoga again which is not cardio, but it is so very beneficial for the body as well as the mind.

I will do a reveal at the end of my challenge, but my challenge for you is to go to the link above and start getting healthy & transforming your life today!

I am so open for questions, baby!


  1. I have to agree its amazing I feel better and am losing weight finally something that works and is easy :) and believe me I've tried it all.

  2. My sister has been using their shake mix as well. She loves it!