hump day huddle. {tardy edition}

Apologies my lovelies. I didn't have time to post the last two days because my goddess garden project took another step closer to being complete.

Goddess Garden: Veggies are in, Herbs are in! This is such an exciting time of the year for me. I know, it's the little things in life, proof below. We planted regular pumpkins, baby pumpkins, onions, green & red peppers, red & green lettuce as well as spinach. We planted sugar peas, green beans, kale, lots of tomatoes: babies, beefsteak, pear tomatoes. Lemon cucumbers and regular cucumbers are also among our veggies galore. I have my first herb garden this year too! Stevia (yay for natural sugar) mint, lavender, basil & oregano! I am so excited about this!!

Hello my sweet floors: My amazing husband yet again surprised me with new bathroom floors. Isn't he just great!
{^ main bath.}
{^master bath.}
Additional jewel:
Body by vi: I am down 5 pounds! One week in! I'm not getting paid to tell you this, but this program really works. Check out my progress on my home page!

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