101 in 1001 update.

I have 30 lovely adventures to complete & my end date for this challenge is just under a year away: 04.26.13

3. go to Hawaii. {planned for October.}
4. learn to ski {come Winter, possibly a broken appendage as well.}
5. volunteer somewhere. {many possibilities.}
6. go camping somewhere new. {we've got our eye on some spots.}
7. buy a dog. {hot topic in our home. may happen very soon.}
8. go on a picnic. {summer date!}
9. build a sand castle. {summer beach trip? better yet, sand castle in Hawaii}
17. make home made ice cream. {this will be happening a lot this summer.}
21. take a class for fun. {still contemplating this one.}
22. buy a gift from Etsy. {my struggle: not buying 18 things, just one Courtney!}
23. fly a kite. {definitely summer!}
26. go to a farmers marker. {asap.}
27. tone up at the gym. {in process.}
28. floss for a month. {i'm more of an on& off flosser, this habit will stick.}
38. go on a road trip. {mini-road trip that must include a brewery to lure husband!}
39. tye dye something. {shopping list: white articles of clothing, rubber bands & dye.}
41. read Proverbs in a month. {again with the on & off, must practice consistency.}
42. go to Seattle. {husband's not a fan, must find a buddy!}
46. go ice skating. {sun river this winter please!}
48. take a nap in a hammock. {hammock nap + Hawaii= perfection.}
50. climb/hike Smith rock. {so hoping this happens!}
53. ditch curse words. { heres my dilemma: i think curse words are funny. yes, i know, not lady like, I'm workin' on it!
66. send a letter to someone in a different country. {Germany!!}
72. memorize a poem. {must select a poem.}
77. test drive a cool car. {Chevrolet dealer, this Summer, I'm there!}
78. by a piece of jewelry in my birthstone. {only found one piece I would consider so far. have you seen how hideous opal or rose quartz is? not a fan, not a fan at all.}
83. go on a hot air balloon ride. {Summer adventure!}
89. frame a piece of my photography. {selection is key.}
92. build a snowman. {in my front yard, come winter!}
100. crochet something. {must buy yarn.}

My plan is laid out! I feel fairly confident that I will conquer my list, maybe even ahead of schedule. {totally my style.} I highly recommend this challenge: 101 in 1001. Google it: go!

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