hump day huddle. {tardy edition}

This whole tardy edition is getting to be a normal thing, totally not my style.
Life is busy, it is what it is.

Goddess Garden: Yesterday I worked my 4 hour princess shift so I had nearly all day with husband. We finished rocking my new amazing garden, so for now it is done! Husband wants to build a green house now, so that is on his to do list, but I am so loving the way it turned out! My husband is seriously such a hard worker & so amazing!
Spring has sprung: It is definitely Spring at my house; outdoor projects galore! Here is something else husband is working on and I am super excited about as well! You can't see it in the picture, but we have a berry patch. {behind where I was standing to take the picture} We cleaned it up really good and are rocking it with paths so that picking will be easier. We have 3 patched of strawberries & 4 blueberry bushes. Well, husband is making this half circle area which was of no use before, into 2 raised beds for more berries! We will be planting 4 raspberry bushes and some blackberries! I love me some garden grown berries! Oh & my lovely lady hens decided to get in the picture as well. Aren't they pretty!

Body by Vi: I am down 3 more pounds & an inch and a half from last week making it a totally of 8 pounds and 1.5 inches lost! I am so loving this challenge & the energy I am gaining from it! Check out my side bar for a direct link!

Craft Nook Neglect: I have yet to use my beautiful craft nook my husband made me & I feel so bad. I have no time right now for crafts, crap I barely have time to blog, so that is absolutely on my next day off schedule: craft on!

Hop on the train: I am trying to get on a schedule, still! I would like to have dinner made for my husband multiple times a week before I leave for work at noon. I have many recipes for the crock pot & simple ones, but 4 hours isn't very long to fit everything in I would like to before work. Oh & getting up earlier is not an option. I am working on that, hoping for success!

Okay my lovelies, I'm off to work early for a IV pump class! I know, I'm living life on the edge!
Happy Wednesday Thursday!

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