hump day huddle.

happy hump day.
i thought about doing a recap of the week on wednesdays,
so here goes nothing.

1. lent failure: i came across an email today that had a link to facebook
that was somewhat really important, so i got on & now i ruined my lent.
i feel like it was a really good three & a half weeks away & i feel like i no
longer need to be a psychotic facebook stalker. {well at least for now. ha ha.}

2. bye-bye long term care: i gave my two weeks notice & i will be starting my new
big girl nursing job on monday. i thought i would be sad, but it is more exciting
to me now to see all i have learned & what an awesome new environment this will be.

3. mr. villa?: okay so my husband has been on a building spree. so he may not be
bob villa {thank you, Jesus} but he has been working so hard & he is building me
the most beautiful raised beds. he is making my garden beautiful! so exciting

4. chaos party of one: last night i came home to 5 missing hens. uhhmm really?
i searched my little heart out all around our yard with two flashlights at 8pm.
my neighbors probably thought i was crazy as i was yelling expletives.
so i finally found them,
in a tree, yep a freaking tree.
so, naturally i used the end of the flashlight to push them off the tree limbs
& then caught them & put them back in the coop.
wonder how the door happened to be open?
it's a mystery in the Cooper home.

5. baby, baby: one of my best friends is having her baby within the next 72 hours.
she is my childhood friend & i am so happy i get to share this with her & be apart
of the labor & delivery. We even have a night full of fun planned for our last
sleep over together with no babies. bittersweet.
i may or may not have promised her a pitocen pill

hope you all have a fabulous week!

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