Reality check, hello!

so, maybe it's just me, but i caught myself being ridiculous today.
it was both hilarious & pitiful.
so, sometimes when i start watching a tv show
{which is rare. well, until the lovely netflix showed up in mi casa}
i get really into it & sometimes catch myself acting like
one of the cast members.
{amusing, yeah?}

so, that happened to me today.
i am slightly & secretly ashamed of the reality show i am watching.
{keeping up with the kardashians}

those girls have many issues.
i am not one to judge, but i find khloe extremely & amazingly funny.
{& at times she can be quite harsh & cold.}

their family is playful towards one another
which is very similar to mine.
we play pranks on one another all the time
& i love that they give me more ideas.
{within budget of course}

when I realized {twice} today that i was acting like
a crazy celeb, i laughed so hard
& then was like no no no no no
not cool.

i am curious if ya'll have ever had a similar experience?

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  1. I LOVE KUWTK!! I have three older sisters and they remind me so much of our family. Great show!