Hump day huddle. {tardy edition}

Coming up for air: yes, yes I am. My face has been stuck in paperwork and computer
classes for the last four days. I have learned so much in those four days that I am
actually impressed with myself that I have been able to comprehend this crap stuff.
I worked my first shift in urgent care the other day and I seriously loveeeeeee it.
I am so blessed to be working for such a fabulous company who is already investing so much
into myself as well as my abilities.

Happy Birthday, princess: as I previously mentioned, my best friend had her baby on 03.16.12, they are both doing well & are both fighters. It was a hard labor and very emotional. I have been a part of many five labor and deliveries, but it is a whole new game when you
have a strong emotional bond with the mommy. I am so thankful I was a part of this wonderful day in history. I'm sure you will hear me blog about Alexis in the near future.

March Myocardial Infarction? kidding, but seriously March Madness is really getting me stressed. My teams are supposed to win by more than just one or two! Ahhhh!

Garden Goddess: My husband is amazing. I don't even need to talk about it. Husband is still going to put in a pond on the west side of the garden and then we obviously need soil & we will be making a path with river rocks & slate. seriously, check this out:

(here are my precious bushes he got me.)

(here is the nearly finished project.)

enjoy, loves!

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