the 7:00am post.

I feel like I cannot get my new routine down since my shifts have changed & it is soo frustrating.
Some days have been lovely, I get home at about 11:15pm and spend some time with husband and go to bed shortly after 1:00am. I wake up anywhere between 8 and 9:00am & it is just perfect. Then I have days like today when I went to bed at 1:00am and I am wide awake by 6:00am. So not cool! I know it's only been like a week & a half, but I would really appreciate more sleep.

On another note, my eating schedule is off as well now. I can't figure out how to adapt. maybe one of you lovelies will instill some wisdom on me. Here's my case study: {giggle. giggle.} I work out in the morning for almost an hour 6 days a week and eat right after, so about 10:00am and then I have lunch before I leave for work or on my way to work, lets say about 12:45pm. I usually have my dinner about 6:00pm but I always sneak a small snack in between lunch & dinner. Then we get to my issue: I feel deeply deprived of food on the way home/ once I get home. I am very against eating 2 hours or less before bedtime, I feel like your body cannot rest after eating a meal and you will wake up feeling tired in the morning due to your body's need to digest all that crap you ate at midnight. {this is my own personal experience, you may be able to scarf down a buffet & sleep like a baby, not I, not I.} Bot at the same time, if I don't eat then my stomach won't shut up. So what do I do? After dinner I have no time to sneak in another snack because I am too slammed. Any suggestions? They would be much appreciated.

Oh yeah, and I missed 'hump day huddle' yet for a second week in a row. Once I am done training, I will have a shorter shift wednesdays and I will be able to be on that! promise.

I have so much to write so I think once I get going on my routine better i will have more regular, scheduled posts with giveaways & such.

Can you believe March is gone? This was quite far the fastest month that went by for me, this year. I guess thats what you get when you switch jobs? April is going to be a great month! I can already feel it! I will become a Scentsy consultant which I am super excited for! I am also joining a Beachbody fitness Challenge & planning on resuming my 30 runs by 30 goal! I will touch on that more at a later date.

I am going to try to go back to sleep for a few hours. Wish me luck!


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