Remember that one time. . .

when I had time to blog, yeah that was awesome!

Husband and I are all settled into our home!
I will post some pictures when
I have a more than two minutes to spare.

My husband has been working a lot on our out buildings.
He built himself and awesome fish house,
where he will keep his fish tanks.
&& He also built a chicken coop for our
six baby-ish hens.

We He installed some light fixtures in the house
I held the ladder, so I should count too.

School is getting more difficult, more complex
body systems & treatments
are on the agenda this term.

I am getting into the flow of things, which my body
is grateful.

I am loving this time in my life, despite the
chaotic run, run, run theme,
I am enjoying the experience, most of the time.

Five and a half months left of class.
Three month preceptorship.
Graduation in eight and a half months.

Just a little update.
More to come when I have a break.

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