hello february. . .

The month we move into our home!

So exciting. Nine days.
But whose counting?
Who am I kidding, I have been counting from day one.
{80 some days ago}

So here we are, as packed as we can be.
Buying new things such as fruit tree sprays & fertilizer.
Sounds so silly.

I am finishing up my first term of Nursing school, already.
Finals are in a few weeks, ready to move on.

I am currently getting a cold,
my body must not realize that I don't have time for
{I have even been taking my vitamins!}

Things I am currently loving:

*my husband in flannel shirts
* dreaming of interior design
*teen mom 2 {like I should be watching TV}
*popsicles {yes, in February}
*taking naps {even for 20 minutes}
*learning about the human body

Things I am currently not loving:

*the fact that I locked my keys in 2 different places today. {what brain?}
*my sinuses filling up, blah
* the fact that I don't have moving day off
* the miles between my parents and I
*that I have no fun time for myself

Okay enough of that, on to more homework. . .

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  1. I hear you on the homework! Been doing it all day myself :P