down for the count. . .

I hurt myself on Monday.
Just what I need/ have time for right?
I was transferring a patient and she got a little tired
and decided to give up half way through, so I had
to help with some force and what do I hear?
Thanks knee, you have failed me twice already, not again.
I have been on crutches since Monday.
Dr. took me off of them today and with a more mobile brace.
It feels so good to walk on my right leg!
Dr. is determined it's a micro tear, nothing anyone can do about it,
those babies heal on their own.
I have an MRI next week to confirm.

So I have been off all week and I kind of liked it, but at the
same time, I hated it because I love staying busy.

Back to work on Sunday with modified duty.

Happy weekend all!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I had no idea that happened!!!! That sounds painful. I'm glad to hear it's just a micro tear and I hope it heals quickly on its own and is good as new in no time! I'm sure you've gone stir crazy being off work all week, seeing as how you're such a busy body. :)