Fast Paced Future. . .

In the last seven weeks I have managed to get married and buy a house.
That hit me hard yesterday.
I just turned 22 years old. I am so young, but look at us go.
It is fun to feel so "grown up" by being married and becoming a home owner,
but with the small fun feeling comes great responsibility.
My husband and I are ready for a load of responsibility, I promise you.
As some may think, we are not trying to rush into things too fast. We were open to searching
for our first home, but not buying until late January.
This pretty little penny popped up on an email from our agent and we knew it was for us.
It was perfect.
It had everything we had on our dream list.
Despite the "prefect-ness" of the house, it was slightly out of our price range.
We decided to keep looking.
I got a phone call from our wonderful agent the next morning.
"The seller just dropped her asking price yesterday."
Just like that it was in our price range.
As we went to view the house, we instantly loved it.
The seller had certain obligations not to be "pushed" to move out right away.
She asked for three months.
I thought to myself, that was a long time not to live in MY house.
Then I thought of our lease, it ends 02/27/11
The seller would move out of the house 02/14/11
Everything seemed to be coming together perfectly.
We wrote our offer.
The seller came back with a counter.
We did the math according to our mortgage payment monthly.
It was too high.
We decided we would figure it out, cut certain things out of our budget that wasn't needed.
We would make this work.
Our mortgage broker called us in to sign loan papers and informed us
that he got us a lower interest rate then he planned.
Just like that, our mortgage payments were back in budget range.

I say this is a God thing.
Everything is falling into place, yet it is hard not to get anxious.
I know it is all according to his plan.


  1. Courtney, I am so happy for you guys! Although of course I wish it were closer, :) it is gorgeous, and I cant wait to come visit when you move in. You have to have a housewarming party! I'm so happy that we're family, and that you have found your dream home. Congratulations!

  2. I agree Courtney...Definitely a God thing! He worked it out every time you needed Him to! He just kept opening the doors! YAY! It's GORGEOUS! I'm so happy for you guys! You are so lucky to have found your dream home that quickly! You guys are off to an amazing life together! Congrats! (Miss you by the way!)

  3. COURTNEY!!! its like it couldn't be more perfect! ohhhh my goodness i am so excited for you!!!! eeeeeeek. seriously! SO excited! :D