Catching up. . .

Yes, it has been nearly a month since I have blogged, I apologize.
Let's play catch up ♥

Regarding project zero:
#'s 1: Get married
I got married 09.04.2010 in front of our closest friends and family members. It was a perfect day. The weather, the stress level, though at times I got snappy, the people helping, the ceremony, everything. Just perfect. One of my favorite things about the day was when guests would come up to me and ask if I had a wedding planner because of the amount of detail. I gladly said, nope, it was all me and my bright ideas. It was a wonderful feeling that my hard work paid off. My groom was as handsome as could be and the emotional quiver in his voice and the tears that slightly filled his eyes warmed my little heart. I love that man so much, he has a heart of gold and a gentle spirit.
My flower girls were adorable, my ring barers, both under the age of four, were so precious and did such an awesome job, auntie is so proud of them.
I couldn't have asked for a better day.
Married life doesn't seem much different since we had previously been living together. Although, I seem to have a new perspective on this new beginning. It is hard for me to put into words how I feel, but let me tell you, it is an amazing feeling of simply true, head over heals love.
I am now Mrs. Courtney Cooper.
15: Go see a movie at a cinema
In August, one of my new friends (see number 56) asked me if I would like to go to the movies. I was not so much interested in the movie choice, as was she, I was more in it for the experience. I had not been to a cinema for about two and a half years. I think I ended up spending $20 total. Oh yeah, thats why I haven't been there in so long. It was fun though, I felt like I was a kid again. Giggling with my friends, whispering lines that were just said and laughing really loud. It was a blast.
32: Play a board game
My husband and I used some of our gift cards from the wedding on fun, just because type of stuff. Like Scrabble. We had fun playing that and watching a new to us, yet older movie. Charlotte's Web. We had a fun night in.
43: Donate my hair to Locks of Love
I did it. 10 inches off to donate and another two inches off in order for my hair to look cute. I was nervous. I have had my hair short before, but not for about three years. As the hair stylist was prepping and beginning I started to wonder about who would get a wig out of my hair and how happy that cancer patient would with hair of their own. I sent it off and am still curious. My hair feels so much lighter and I am getting so many compliments on it. It is fun to have short hair, so many cute things you can do with it and the satisfying feeling of being selfless and giving something out of the kindness of your heart
45: Wear real lipstick
I have wore real lipstick twice. Once at my bachelorette party and the other time at my wedding. They were both pretty, but different colors. I loved the color at my wedding, but I have decided that I am definitely a lip gloss/ chapstick type of girl.
56: Make a new friend
I have made three new friends that are all just fabulous. I am normally someone who makes friends or acquaintances easily. People say I am approachable and warm. I can carry a conversation out of no where with almost anyone. When I started at my new job, six months ago, I was sad, there was no one that I could see myself hanging out with or really warming up to while I was working evening shift, but once I moved to day shift, there were some fantastic possibilities.
These girls are so fun and I love spending time with them.
61: Buy a bottle of wine
On our honeymoon, we had some wine supplied by my brother who is what I call a wine genius. We had Columbia Crest Chardonnay and Columbia Crest Grand Estates Merlot. Exquisite. So, I went to Fred Meyer on our way home from the beach and got us a bottle of each. Delicious with dinner.
90: Visit a brewery
My husband and I actually visited two breweries in two days. The first brewery called Laurelwood. It was on the first of September for his work meeting. I got invited, lucky me. Beer was delicious and food was excellent. The next day, which was husband's birthday, I told him I would like to take him to a brewery of his choice of beer and lunch. He chose Amnesia Brewery. It was fantastic! The beer was tasty, in his words "beautifully colored" and the food was bbq style with a few bbqs going out back and burgers being grilled. So yummy.

In other news, I have been trying to keep busy by cleaning, filling out thank you cards, putting away gifts, doing crafts, picking up extra shifts at work and hanging out with my friends.

I got a job promotion as a Restorative Assistant, which helps patients with exercise walking, eating assistance and other related activities to help them preserve the abilities that they still have physically, but don't always use them unless queued. I will be in the physical therapy gym for this position and I am very excited. I will do this two days and then continue as a CNA the other two days of my rotation. I am looking forward to a little change.

All for now ♥


  1. WOW!!! You have done so much! And your hair is sooooo cute!!! That's so admirable of you to donate it. :) At least you had your long locks for the wedding (which I'm sure you planned). Good luck with all you have going your way as Mrs. Travis Cooper! You have such a promising future and I'm so glad I got to see the beginning of it at your wedding. :) And yes, I still can't believe you didn't hire a wedding coordinator! Perhaps that should be a side job or yours??? It's definitely in your blood.

  2. Hey girly! Your hair looks FABULOUS! :) I've always wanted to donate to locks of love, but I always cut my hair before it gets long enough!

    Your wedding was amazing (though I was a bit devastated we missed the ceremony...we were not expecting to be stuck in traffic for an hour and a half!). The decor was perfect... even Martha herself could not have done better!

    Sounds like you have been crazy busy, but we must make time soon to get together! Text me, k?

    Love ya!