Numbers 68, 57 & 12. . .

#'s 68: Buy something at a thrift store. . .
57: Buy a random book. .
12: Use a piggy bank (for spare change). . .

Yes, I was one busy girl today. When I went out to the thrift store, I was not planning on
hitting three birds with one stone, but I did. I decided to go to all three thrift stores
by my work. (I had to go there for a meeting that was cancelled and they didn't bother
to inform us, lovely.) My first stop was full of fun.
I spent two hours in there just looking at all of the treasures
wondering how much trouble I would be in if I brought a certain item home, etc.
I first stopped by the books & movie section. I skimmed through many movies and books.
I got caught up in the "cooking & crafts" bookcase. I wanted to buy most of them, but told
myself to be practical. I found a book called (children cover your eyes) "Skinny Bitch"
I have heard of this though my many nutrition courses I took in college. It pretty munch breaks down why all of the processed food is bad for you. Since I am intrigued by nutrition
I decided it would be my first treasure of the day. This first treasure also knocks out my
#57: Buy a random book. I got this book for a steal of $3.
As I wandered the aisles, I picked up a few sweaters and a pair of pants, after a few minutes,
I reminded myself to be practical. I put them back because I have plenty of clothes. As I was
on my way to check out, I saw a rack of scarves, okay I love scarves, so naturally, I was
delighted to expand my collection. I found a cute delicate scarf for $2. Count that as treasure
number two. At my next stop I must have let the weather push me toward the "fall" section.
This cute mauve stocking cap caught my eye. I thought it would look super cut on me once I get my hair cut off. (see # 43) Can't wait to wear my third treasure, which was 1/2 off might I add. That baby totaled up to $1.50. My last stop was at a second hand boutique. There were tons of fun antique items. Most of them I had no use for, I couldn't even think of a place to put them just for looks. I saw this cute little piggy bank that had been hand painted "happy 1st birthday" I thought, oh yeah, I need to start looking for a cute one for #12. Well, the next aisle had an old metal one that I fell in love with. It's not too big, but I thought it would be fun to pass down the my children someday. I wonder how old it is and where it has been. Cute, metal, antique piggy bank, treasure number four you will be.


  1. I LOVE all your great finds! I frequently hit St. Vinnies here in Eugene and LOVE it. Sure, sometimes I don't find anything but then there's one day that I find EVERYTHING! Haha! I actually found my copy of "Skinny Bitch" at St. Vinnies a while back too! PS. I'm really enjoying your blog!