Number 101. . .

#101: Climb a tree

The mister & I had our engagement photo shoot, finally. There was a beautiful tree and he yells, "Let's climb it!" I was all for it, it wasn't an intense climb or anything, so don't be fooled.
Unfortunately, the lighting way poor so they didn't make the final cut, but I attempted to edit one simply because. After we were through, I leaned over said, "Hey, I climbed a tree, that is on my list." He came back to say that it wasn't a cool enough climb, but I say it was, I was wearing heels and a skirt. I'm surprised nothing ripped. I love that I climbed a tree, I haven't done it in years, but I loved that Travis was in the tree with me. It was fun, I should look for trees to climb more often, yeah?

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  1. I'm surprised you didn't push him out and rub sap in his hair!!!! Oh wait, I guess that was only you and I when I was six lol