Number 19. . .

#19: Organize my craft area:

Before: (I am ashamed)

Why is this unacceptable?(besides the fact that it is a disaster)

First off, a sewing machine does not belong on a shelf. It should be front and center.

No area meant for creating beautiful things should look this retched.

This was a huge task, I went through everything from pictures for scrap booking to folding fabric correctly. I tossed out/ donated all of the things that would be of no use and put things in the proper places. This took me a few hours, but I am satisfied.

My fiance just about had a heart attack when he woke up this morning and everything I own regarding crafts was strung about all over the floor, he was amazed when he got home and saw the transformation. I win.

Here is my reveal:

beautiful & inspirational right? ♥

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