Number 80. . .

# 80: Play at a new disc golf course

Yesterday, Travis (my fiance) asked me if I wanted to go fishing with him. I hesitated due to my current health crisis, but I figured I needed to get some fresh air and get away from this city life. We went to Estacada Lake, which is gorgeous, but unfortunately we didn't catch anything. After loading our boat, I remembered there was a disc golf course on the property that Travis had played on, but I had never. I was feeling well during the moment suggested exploring the course.

I threw at three holes, but then I started feeling sick, so I watched as Travis threw.

I had so much fun exploring and not knowing where the baskets (or holes) were. It was an adventure looking for something you know nothing about, kind of like life sometimes, yeah?

I threw discus in high school. Hence my form.

This hole was amazing, you throw off this cliff & cannot see the basket.

Riverbend disc golf course

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