Number 75. . .

#75: Buy a new movie (or four)

Today I was out completing wedding to do's and I happened

to pass by the electronics department at Target. Here's the point where my "buy a new movie" went overboard, "SALE $6.50 ea."

So, I quickly browsed through and grabbed my favorites as if someone has put me on a time limit on the movie aisle.

The first movie I chose was "the Holiday" simple because I love it. It is the perfect movie to curl up on the couch with a chai tea in hand during the Fall(which I absolutely cannot wait for.)

"No Reservations" came next, I remember watching this movie and I loved it, but what brought me into buying it was the fact that it was about cooking. I have been loving all of my gifts related to cooking and baking and I am hoping after the wedding to cook and bake so much that I will be a fabulous cook, yeah I said fabulous.

"How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" made me giggle when I saw it because it was my all time favorite movie as a teenager. It is hysterical and I can't even imagine this movie happening in real life.

Finally, "Julie & Julia" was the last one that I chose, when I first had the idea that I should cross off number 75, this is the movie I wanted to buy. One, because I love the plot and the actresses and two, because of the cooking. I hope to someday cook through a cookbook, how fun right?

All for now ♥

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