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I have been thinking a lot lately about how busy I am.
I'm planning a wedding.
I'm finishing up one degree & beginning another.
I am an employee at a highly emotional job.
I am at a transitioning point mentally between being a girlfriend and becoming a wife.

I am enjoying each of my current roles, each in a unique way. Sometimes I feel like I have a love-hate relationship which each of them, but that subsides quickly.

I have been contemplating what I will do once our wedding passes & I cut back to part- time at work. I feel like I will actually have time to play. Don't get me wrong, school is going to keep me busy, but I am excited to have less on my plate for awhile.

Today, I have time. It feels weird. I mean don't get me wrong. I have 15 things left to complete on my wedding list, but today, I just want to be.

I was inspired by my future cousin-in-law (that sounds silly) to participate in Project Zero. Google it if you don't know what it is. I have had a blast making a list and thinking about the possibilities of the future. If you know me, you know I absolutely love making lists. I have a list for the over all week, for each day, for groceries, you name it and I have probably made a list for it. I think I enjoy the reassurance of crossing completed things off and seeing my progress on paper.

So, I am going to post my Project Zero list on here and blog about my progress. I think it will be a fun, new experience for me.

101 in 1001 days:
Start date: 07.30.2010
End date: 04.26.2013

1. get married (completed 09.04.10)
2. buy a house
3. go to hawaii
4. learn to ski
5. volunteer somewhere
6. go camping somewhere new
7. buy a dog
8. go on a picnic
9. build a sand castle
10. remodel a room
11. follow a budget
12. use a piggy bank (for spare change) (completed: started 08.10.10)
13. own chickens
14. refrain from facebook for a month
15. go see a movie at a cinema (completed 08.17.10)
16. buy a lottery ticket
17. make homemade ice cream
18. run in a race, for a cause
19. organize my craft area (completed 08.07.10)
20. take a yoga class (completed 08.10.10)
21. graduate, again
22. buy a gift from etsy
23. fly a kite
24. plant a fruit tree
25. buy fresh flowers for no reason
26. go to a farmer's market
27. tone up at the gym
28. floss for a month
29. have my own fish tank
30. start a garden
31. go to a concert
32. play a board game (completed 09.08.10)
33. plan a fun date with my mom and mother-in-law
34. ride a fair ride
35. read a book
36. create a new scrap book
37. sew an apron
38. go on a road trip
39. tye dye something
40. blog weekly {6/143}
41. read the book of proverbs in a month
42. go to seattle
43. donate my hair to locks of love (completed 09.06.10)
44. go on a bike ride
45. wear real lipstick (completed 08.28.10)
46. go ice skating
47. go to a sporting event
48. take a nap in a hammock
49. contact my siblings weekly {6/143}
50. climb/hike smith rock
51. host a party
52. go to a festival
53. ditch curse words
54. skype!
55. make a new cocktail
56. make a new friend (gladly accomplished 08.2010)
57. buy a random book (completed 08.10.10)
58. color in a coloring book
59. catch a fish
60. bring a dish to a holiday event
61. buy a bottle of wine (completed 09.05.10)
62. paint my toenails a wild color
63. read a children's book
64. write love notes
65. buy a peacoat
66. send a letter to someone in another country
67. find a pen pal
68. buy something at a thrift store (completed 08.10.10)
69. make a homemade gift
70. take a name off a tree and buy a much needed gift
71. start a new tradition
72. memorize a poem
73. mend a damaged article of clothing
74. write a review
75. buy a new movie (completed 08.02.10)
76. donate a massage
77. test drive a cool car
78. buy a piece of jewelry in my birthstone
79. play catch with my dad
80. play at a new disc golf course (completed 08.04.10)
81. go on a fancy date
82. ride a train
83. go on a hot air balloon ride
84. make a new dessert
85. buy a piece of art
86. propose a toast
87. serve breakfast in bed
88. watch an old childhood movie
89. frame a piece of my photography
90. visit a brewery (completed 09.02.10)
91. lay under the stars
92. build a snowman
93. find out my credit score
94. spend a day with a child
95. explore a library
96. order a new espresso drink
97. stay in pajamas all day
98. write a note of encouragement
99. learn ten new words in a new language {0/10}
100. crochet something
101. climb a tree (completed 08.05.10)

Well, there it is! I could have made it longer, but I am going to follow the rules!

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