My future is nothing but bright. . .

In case you were all wondering, I am still blogging; my life is currently full of busy, yet amazing events and planning for the most amazing event of my life, my wedding. September is creeping up quickly, I can hardly believe I will be walking down the aisle in 47 days. Crazy, right? Everything is coming together just wonderfully, and my list of things to do is getting smaller and smaller.

This has been such a fun journey and learning experience for me. I have learned a lot about compromising and had a little sneak peek at what married life will be like. Although I may have fabulously cute ideas, I now have to take into consideration my future husband's thoughts and ideas. I have to admit that in the beginning I had all of my ideas written down and I was ready to push thorough it all and get it done early. Then one day I looked at Travis and said, "What do you think?" I was amazed at the ideas and alterations he had thought up regarding the different things I had been working on. It didn't cross my mind that he even wanted to help, physically or mentally. As I look at the decorations, the vendors and other parts of our upcoming wedding, I smile. I smile simply because I had one unselfish moment that changed "my wedding" into "our wedding" I look forward to having many of these unselfish moments, it feels amazing.

As most of you know, I had my first of two bridal showers yesterday, 07.17.10. It was so great, I have been to many bridal showers, heck I have even hosted a few, but this shower was THE best. I have another shower next weekend and I don't know how much better it can get. I have got to say, I have some amazing women in my life. Everyone who was at my shower helped shape the woman I am today. As I was listening to my guests shout out funny answers to a trivia game about myself and Travis, I looked around and realized that exact fact. I had guests who I have known all my life, some practically all of my life and some for just a few years, but ALL of them have been there for me whether they knew it or not, that is one reason why my shower was so beautiful. Second, I had the most amazing host you could ask for, Lisa. She went above and beyond the standards I had set for her. Everything was more than perfect. I also got many wonderful gifts, including three blenders! But my favorite gift wasn't found until I got home that evening. I had asked everyone to write down a "wise word" for Travis and I to look back on throughout our future, and wow, they are amazing to say the least.

My next shower is the 24th. My future mother in-law generously offered her home for my shower. I am very excited to spend sometime with Travis' side of the family and also a hand full of my family members. As I said above, every woman at my first shower helped shape who I am today, and I am sure they will be by my side as I become a wife and a mother someday, but the thing that gets me teary eyed about my second shower is that most of the women, those being on Travis' side, I have only known for three years, and some of them have had an impact on me, but these amazing women are going to help shape me into the woman I am going to be. I am so lucky and blessed that I am joining a family that is so loving and strong, it makes me so happy.

Love is so beautiful.

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  1. Hey! Janice gave me your blog site. :) I'm following your blog now. I bet you are so thrilled to be future Mrs. Travis Cooper. CRAZY! Your day is creeping up on all of us quickly, but it sounds like you have everything well taken care of. I'm so happy for you and I can't wait for your special day! :)