So Blessed. . .

My last two days off I have kept very busy, but I have had some things weighing heavy on my heart.
I am falling in love with a part of my job that I didn't know existed.
My emotions are becoming more real and I am touching more peoples' lives than I had imagined, especially in such a short time.
Let me share my newest realizations,

I am the one who has the privilege of holding the patient's hand when she gets back from chemotherapy. I am there to listen and to empathize as she brushes her beautiful hair that is disappearing more and more everyday.

I am the one who has to look into the eyes of tender-hearted family member and let him know his beloved aunt has passed away.

I am the one who gets asked by patients if they can bring me home in their suitcase, because they have been cared for so well by me.

I am the one who talks to the woman as she lays in a coma because my heart aches that her family does not come to visit anymore.

I am the one who is informed that I am a breath of fresh air, one of a kind, not self-absorbed but very in tuned to patient's needs.

I complain a lot about how demanding my job is, but lets pause for just a second, do you see how lucky I am?
I am learning so much about life and love.
I am so thankful for this wonderful opportunity I have been given.

So for all of you who have listened to me gripe, don't feel sorry for me :) I am so blessed.

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