Number 20. . .

Number 20: Take a yoga class. . .

So, I have taken many yoga classes before and I have loved them all. I took yoga for beginners,
fluid yoga and yoga for dancers in my first two years of college. I loved how relaxing it is
when someone tells you to focus on your breath and certain parts of your body. Trying to
do it on my own just does not work. I took this class at my gym, which was interesting. I was
the youngest by about 10 to 15 years. The instructor was great. I enjoyed it once again.
I have not practiced yoga in at least a year and am ready to get back to it. When I woke up
this morning my body was letting me know that I stretched muscles that have not gotten
the proper attention lately. Every tuesday evening I will practice my yoga. I am very excited
to do this for my stress and my body's sake.

I have attempted and completed almost all of the poses & postures above. The two I have yet
to complete are the splits and the second to the top left, you know, the one where you
balance all of your weight on one hand. Someday. ♥

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