hump day huddle.

Happy Wednesday lovelies!
I hope your week is going beautiful.
Lets get to business, shall we?

1. Mo-town Brewfest
My lovely little town hosted their 2nd Annual Brewfest over the weekend. This year was fabulous! Not to mention this picture below was taken with "the 80's guy" which was our entertainment for the night because this dude didn't stop dancing the entire night! Husband & I had friends that we met there this year which was a change from last year, a fun change! We drank lots & lots of good beer accompanied with laughter galore. Oh ya & a headache in the morning! {Oh & sorry for the glowing eyes below from a cell phone.}
2. Contraindications
This word is used a lot in my profession. When something is done {or shouldn't be done} because frankly it doesn't go, it doesn't mesh well, it just is a no no. That being said I am realizing there are a few contraindications going on in my silly, yes, but I gotta pull it together!
For example, I was raised to eat at the table for meals, my husband was as well. I have said multiple times from the beginning that there will be no eating in front of the TV. Look at me breaking my rule. Daily. Sometimes multiple times a day! Ew! Another example, I use way too many paper towels. Yes, I said they were silly, but hello! I know I do it and yet I can't seem to used the kitchen towel to dry something, I must use 12 paper towels instead. Now that these have been realized, I must work on changing them. {insert laughter here for such nonsense}

3. Blog button
I think I would like to make my pretty little blog a pretty little blog button. Problem, the tutorials are confusing to me. Solution, keep looking through the 176323 tutorials! Any advice, lovelies?

4. Home tour
In the next couple weeks I will be going though my home & sharing how lovely it is. I will post before & after pictures if I can find them!

5. Crazy-girl
I may have gone mad. In the last month I joined Mary Kay & Scentsy. I love both of these companies products, I am longing to meet some local ladies and spark up a friendship & who doesn't love discounted merchandise? I will be adding some links to my side bar soon with a link to websites. I will also be adding my email address & feel free to email me for my special discounts & lovely products. I will also have give-aways soon once I figure everything out! Oh & I love vista print!

All for now!
Look for some fun posts to come!

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