DIY: cricket scoreboard.

I decided to make a cricket scoreboard for my wonderful husband. He loves his darts & he loves his beer. Light bulb went off in my head: lets put 'em together! So, I rummaged though his old beer bottle caps and decided to get creative.

My {almost} finished scoreboard:
{I ran out of magnets}
Here's what I used:
12x12 picture frame, ditch the glass. {craft warehouse}
12x12 sheet of tin {craft ware house}
my cricut machine & black vinyl sheets made by cricut
small magnets {from any craft store}
old beer bottle caps
hot glue gun

First I cut out my letters & numbers with my lovely cricut & then laid them out per my choice.
I took a sharpie and straight edge to draw the lines on the tin. Lay all beer bottle caps out, place small amount of hot glue & add magnet, let dry & place on board as marker.
Oh & yeah, if you were wondering, he loves it, like a whole bunch!

Happy Thursday!

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