At 16, I had it all figured out.

or not. so, recently i found a journal/ note about how my life was supposed to be. so funny. silly 16 year old courtney!
this is how it went:
I was going to be married to a tall, blonde haired professional athlete. I was going to have 4 kids by 25. Be a stay at home mom and live in a house with a while picket fence. Oh yeah, and be the proud owner of a black lab named Luke.

uhm. really?

I laugh whenever I think about this silly little note. if I could have seen in the future when I was 16, I think the 16 year old courtney would have been quite disappointed.

In reality, my life is way cooler than what I had in mind:
*I have an amazing husband who is home every night & is so much more passionate about his hobbies than an athlete, no joke.
*I have no babies yet. I put my career first & I have a kick ass job now, no shame there. zilch!
*I am a proud homeowner with a country style white fence, I got that, ya!

Its interesting to see how much your dreams change in just 7 years. When I'm 30, I am so sure my dreams will change as well, but the core of my dreams will always be the same:

to love & be loved.
& to inspire as many people as possible.

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