I have returned.

It has been almost four months since I have blogged. I apologize. Good news, I'm back. I have completed my requirements for Nursing school. All I have left is my National Boards exam in about 8 weeks.
It feels fabulous, let me tell you!
You may be wondering what's next?
Hurry up & wait! Thats what's next.
I graduate with my Nursing class the 16th, then I can schedule my exam.

So until then, I have committed to Insanity.
Insanity is a 60 day body transformation with cardio/ strengthening.
I am on day 7 and it kicks my butt everyday, but I love it.
My goal is to lose the rest of my "comfort weight" I have gained
since being married & toning my body!
I am struggling with the nutrition part because its freaking Christmas time.
There are so many irresistible treats that I MUST eat!
Until I can give that up, I am wasting my time.
I am getting better daily.

I am also just loving spending more time with my husband.
He is so fabulous. He put my dreams & goals priority and pushed me to succeed when I wanted to give up.
I love that man! He works so hard 24/7!
If he is not working, he is making out home even more lovely.
I am such a lucky lady to have him!

Thought I would catch ya'll up!
I will be blogging more often!
Happy Sunday.

xoxo, Coco

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