2011, farewell...

2011 was a busy year for my husband & I.
I honestly feel like this year lasted a long time!
I read my farewell 2010 post and laughed.
2010 was quite a busy year, but this year topped 2010.

We stated out this year by moving into out home in February.
We started on renovations right away.
My mom moved 12 miles away from me in June.
We hosted a housewarming party in July.
We celebrated 1 year of marital bliss in September.
I graduated from nursing school mid December.

I also have lost 12 pounds from my 'marital bliss weight gain game'

2011, you were good to me this year!
You did throw a few challenges my way, but nothing I didn't have enough strength to overcome.
I have had the opportunity to build relationships with my family.
Thanks to my wonderful, supportive husband, I also made it though nursing school.

You my friend, I hope will be somewhat of a more mellow year.
I hope to explore the Northwest with my husband.
I hope to make my home even more lovely.
I hope to land an amazing Nursing job.
I hope to live a wonderful & beautiful year full of health & love.


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  1. Sounds like a busy year with lots of changes! Congrats on graduating! I'll be graduating from nursing school myself in June and I'm SO looking forward to it :)