A tribute. . .

to my future hometown,

My husband and I bought a home as you may know.
We will be closing nest month and will move in mid February.
We are both so anxious to move in and start making it ours.

We have been doing research on the town
& I have fallen in love
with our home even more.

Molalla is such a cute little country town.
It is populated by a little less than 8,000 residents.
The high school mascot is the Indians.

There is a public and private Christian school.
(I love that, just the fact that we have options.)

It is filled with local/ employee owned businesses.
We love that!
We have an employee owned Bi-Mart and Harvest Market (Thriftway)
We have a Tru-Value Hardware store.
As for clothing, we have a second hand store called Sweet Peas.
There are many family owned restaurants that are adorable.

Oh, how I wish I had pictures to go along with this post.
I will update it once we physically explore.

There is an adorable park with a water feature
which our future children will play.

So much fun to let my mind wonder into the future.

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