Small town girl in one enormous city. . .

I am not up here for good just yet. I have a final this Wednesday and Thursday and then one more 111 mile drive North and then it's time to start adjusting. We are only about a box and a half short of being settled, though. I am so thankful for all of the unpacking Travis did while he was off of work. My house looks wonderful because of him, for all of you that know me, know I am a decorating/ craft wizard and I have to give him a round of applause. Travis did a fabulous job decorating, I never knew he had it in him.

My first new realization: This place is big, Portland that is. Travis recently purchased a Garmin and then I received one from my wonderful mom as a going away gift, I am not a big fan of technology, I would rather it be used as minimal as possible and for people to live a more simple life, but I have to say, this Garmin is my new best friend. I knew Portland was big, but I never anticipated so many roads. I laugh at myself driving up here, because even despite the fact that I have this hand-held computer that will take me where ever I please, I get honked at for doing illegal turns and such quite frequently. I decided, why get stressed, just laugh instead.

I will continue to share with you all my new realizations along this journey.

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  1. Hey love i know it will be rough at first but you will grow alot and become more familiar with those busy roads lol.... im very happy your up here closer to me :) see you soon love you lots ~shil