Birthday week has come & gone.
I am now 24.
I am having a fabulous month so far
& have been so spoiled by my beautiful family & friends. 

{My lovely co-workers decorated my desk on Birthday-eve, love them!}

{Husband got me a delicious chocolate/ raspberry cake with my favorite, Raspberry beverage!}

It is safe to say I am caked-out.
I have had enough cake & ice cream for the year.
But it was all so fantastic.

I have an amazing family.
my in-laws spoiled me.
my parents & family spoiled me.
My husband super spoiled me.

fifteen days until hawaii.
saying i am excited is an understatement.

husband's schedule has changed a bit to where he gets off at a more "dinner appropriate" time.
my schedule changes next monday & i too will be off before six.
I am very excited to start making dinner.
{I say this now. I may complain in a few weeks.}

October is turing out to be a lovely month for the Coopers.
Happy Tuesday to ya'll.

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