Saturday Morning.

Yes, it has been almost four weeks since I have posted.
Each time I sat down to blog, one of two things happened.
1.} something else came up.
2.} i saw my last post & no longer felt inspired.

I miss my uncle dana so much. My family is healing, coping, living life.

I thought I would update ya'll on what we have been doing lately!
We have been keeping ourselves busy in the Cooper home!

We went camping at a new place & did some hiking.

I got my DIY on with some kitchen decor. {more on that later}
Husband got his DIY on with an amazing green house {more on that later}
& I have been biking/ jogging. trying to get my body hawaii ready!

I have been thinking a lot on a blogging schedule re-vamp.
I work two tens this weekend so if I have a break,
I will see what I can put together.

Happy weekend, lovelies.
SPF & lots of H2O!

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