Hump day Huddle.

Happy Hump day darlings!
I hope you are enjoying your week thus far!
I have been staying quite busy myself.

I have added a few pictures of my favorite things right now.
This first picture is some of my favorite snacks since I have been
eating healthier, I am a big fan of fresh fruits & veggies, but this is in addition.
You see:
V8 Fusion: No added Sugar, full servings of fruit & veggies, yummy in smoothies.
Craisins: always great for the female system & a yummy 100 calorie snack.
Apple Orchard Delight Trail mix: this is from Safeway & I love it!
It has pistachios, almonds, dried cherries & raisins.
Oh You also see a treat, everyone must be allowed a small treat from time to time:
My choice: Salted Carmel Gelato, oh dear 1/4 cup is all I get, but it is so delish!
I refuse to eat regular ice cream!
Continuing with my favorite things, we arrive at my new workout gear:
I went to Adidas with a 50% off coupon from work.
I got 2 outfits & some 6 oz running shoes for
yeah, I was absolutely satisfied!

I have been running/walking/jogging/climbing stairs
& doing strength training exercises
for the last few weeks now.
I am loving my extra energy & my body shrinking.
win, win I believe is the correct term!

Oh & when you exercise outdoors, you benefit
from Vitamin D.
I am loving my tan!

Home grown produce is fabulous!
I feel so efficient having my garden & preparing meals with my produce.
I made blueberry muffins today.
I also made raspberry muffins from Husband's grandparents' plants.
I have blanched & frozen our first batch of sweet snow peas for the fall/ winter
as well.

Today is a wonderful day!
Now I am off to play with the babies at work.
{Unfortunately the babies don't want to play, they come in because they are sick.}
Oh well at least I can get a cute smile with a basket of stickers r some Pedia-pops.
Who said you can't bribe a sick kid.

Happy day!

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  1. Love you! You are doing exciting things! I miss you soooooooo much! We need a helicopter! Please