Hump day huddle {Independence day edition.}

If you know me, you know July 4th is my favorite holiday!
I just have always loved the festivities all centered around family.
I am obsessed with family.
Oh & husband & myself started dating on this special day 5 years ago!

Husband & I had a busy day yesterday.
We went to our little towns parade, so fun!
I love small towns.
We then went to Husbands grandparents' home with my in laws
to pick some yummy raspberries.
Then we played at home building/ staining a tomato trellis for our wild plants.
Then came the fun, Rodeo time!
I love rodeos, especially our Buckaroo!
We had so much fun drinking some tasty beer & snacking on an elephant ear.

Here are some pictures to tell our story for the day!

{Cowgirls & their horses lining up for the National Anthem!}
{Gotta love the old-fashioned fire trucks!}
{Precious little princess & her pigmy.}
{having too much fun, excuse the food in my mouth please. ha ha}
{Husband built this trellis & I helped stain it, beautiful, right?}
{Raspberries from grandparents & blueberries & cherries from out yard!}

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  1. I hear a pie calling your name now!! Congrats on your very own happy family with Travis :) I can't wait to see what the future holds for you guys *babies!!* Thats all :)