hump day huddle.

Alright kids,
My home is a home of crazy excitement, girly screeches & silly dances this morning. Primarily from myself. Husband is still sleeping & seems to be unappreciative of my jumping on the bed and yelling at the top of my lungs with excitement, on his day off might I add. Why? Because in 140 measly days when Fall, rainy days have set in here in Oregon {which as a matter of fact are my favorite days} I will get a mini second Summer in Honolulu, Hawaii! Thats right be excited for me, let out a screech! I booked our flight this morning! What a fabulous way to start out a day!!

Tuesdays Tune: Any feedback? Anyone loving my song of the week post? I am!

I gotta cut this short. I'm too excited, I must plan for Hawaii! I will be back later this week!

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