hump day huddle

Another week gone by already?
I have been working my butt off! Friday is my first day I fly solo! I am excited, I feel like I am ready.

I don't have much to write about at this moment. There however is a few ideas that I have for blog topics in the future. I am taking an immunization class right now, mainly focusing on pediatrics and I know it is a controversy, but I finally have my own stance on the topic, so that will come later. I also took a communication class and a lot of it focused on judging and so I have been paying attention to my thoughts and judgies. That will be an interesting topic.

So the rain is in abundance here in Oregon, slightly more than usual, so my amazing husband has had to put project "Goddess Garden" on hold for now and I came home today and he started a new project for me! It's called "My wife deserves a rockin' craft space" He built me a fabulous desk so I can have a little craft area again. Long story, but I cleaned out the "guest room for now, future nursery" since my craft stuff was taking it over and now I will have a new little home for my lovely treasures.

Speaking of nursery, its totally Spring. Wanna know how I know? My body tells me so. Every Spring I get a fever, a baby fever, a bad, bad, baby craving fever. And folks, it has begun once again. I am not pregnant nor will I be anytime soon, Lord willing, but I do admit that the fever has begun. So if I blog about babies too much in the next couple months, don't get any clever ideas, no baby in this uterus, thanks!

Hawaii or a dog? Yes my husband and I had this conversation recently: "Should we go to Hawaii if you can get the vacation time off or should we get a dog this Summer?" Is that even a relevant question? In my house it is. Just laugh! We haven't decided yet by the way. On that note...

Happy Hump Day my darlings!

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  1. I would love to hear about your blog topic about your stance on pediatric immunizations. And baby fever, I can tell its spring too.