simplicity is so rewarding. . .

I am loving the simple things in life right now.
I should say, I have been acknowledging them more lately.
It's nice.
I tend to get so caught up in what is next.

How many days until I am a nurse?
When is my next day off?

I mean, yeah those are nice to think about, but I have found myself
dwelling on them a lot lately.

So I decided to stop.
Soak in the moment, because I probably won't get another one like it.
One of the best choices I have made this year.

I am on this running kick right now.
I am terrified of having another surgery on my knee
so I am trying to strengthen my it.
I absolutely loved that my husband came running with me last night.
As we were running he told me he hadn't ran in like 5 years
and he could feel his beer sloshing around in his belly.
Love that guy!
We had fun! It was nice, it was simple.

I love the thought of summer right now
because I will be having lots of family here
& a housewarming party.

We are doing lots of renovations on our house and I
am loving how it looks!
I will post pictures in the near future.

Happy weekend, loves!

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